Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1.5 Winter Scarves That Are Better Than A Blanket ( HOLY CRAP! I hate winter with a passion but I LOVE scarves [they’re like a blanket for your neck]. Check out these beauties and stay warm!

2. Paleo Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe ( This recipe is perfectly delicious – especially as fall becomes winter and the temperatures drop [I’m SUPER pumped about this weather change, as I’m sure you can tell -.-].

3. 12 Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday (

4. 15 Gorgeous Flower Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind ( Speaking of winter.. These flower hacks are a great way to combat the dreary looking scenery that accompanies the cold months [and keep your home looking purrrrty].

5. 6 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep (

6. Chocolate Chip and Cherry Blondie Recipe ( So much sweetness in one blondie – how can I resist?! [spoiler alert: I can’t].

7. 19 Tips To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet ( Tips to get people to like you and impress everyone you come into contact with? I’m down.

Stay lovely, you fine group of people! 😀


Motivational Monday


Good morning, you lovely people! I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend full of Halloween candy and punny costumes [or not, that’s cool too]. To keep those Monday blues away on this lovely day, I’ve got your dose of motivation to keep you pumped up and feeling full of good energy. ALSO, did I mention that I don’t understand the concept of boundaries and would LOVE to be best friends with you immediately? Cool. If the feeling is mutual, head on over to my Twitter account and click the follow button.


MOtivational MondayMotivational Monday
Motivational Monday 3 Motivational MondayMotivational Monday 2 Motivational Monday1Motivational Monday 4

Motivational Monday


Good morning, you lovely readers! It’s Monday, which means that it’s time for your dose of motivation. To get a little conversation going, I’d love to hear what keeps you going on those weekdays that tend to drag. Comment in the section below and enjoy the rest of your day!

Who is awesome? You are. Just sayin’.

Motivational Monday Motivational Monday5 Motivational Monday1 Motivational Monday Motivational Monday2 Motivational Monday4Some of the above posts can be found at The Berry.


Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. 5 of the Prettiest Ikea Hacks ( These girls take cheap furniture and make it look awesomely luxe [love me some DIY].

2. The Difference Between Healthy Love and Unhealthy Love (

3. Homemade Seasoned Pita Chips Recipe ( These would go PERFECTLY with unlimited amounts of guacamole. PLUS, they take only 20 minutes to throw together.

4. Why Employers Are Slow at Hiring ( Waiting to score an interview to that dream job you’ve been eyeing? Don’t feel discouraged. This article tells you why it takes a couple of weeks for employers to hire someone.

5.If Ron Swanson Quotes Were Motivational Posters (

6. Apple Cider Martini ( Nothing says fall quite like a martini..err..I mean apple cider.

7. How to Prepare for a Job Interview (

8. 21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes ( I mean, we all spill lunches on ourselves on a daily basis [ha ha.. I mean.. That can’t just be me, right?]. The wonderful people over at Cosmo have figured out a few hacks to get rid of those everyday stains.

Have a great Wednesday, you awesomely fantastic group of people! ❤

Motivational Monday


Good Monday morning, you beautiful people!

After a brief hiatus, I’m happy to say that I’m back and ready to [hopefully] entertain you with my lame sense of humor and wise advice [if my mom says it’s wise, it has to be.. right?]! I’m going to start off this week with some Motivational Monday stuffs and then continue posting throughout the week. About what? I don’t know yet. I guess you’ll just have to check back and see [ BOOM. Got ya.]!

Have a wonderful Monday, lovelies!

Motivational Monday Motivational Monday3 Motivational Monday7 Motivational Monday2 Motivational Monday4 Motivational Monday5All images/gifs courtesy of The Berry.


Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday1. How to Keep Going When You’re Demotivated at Work (

2.Himalayan Sea Salt Body Spray ( This is a DIY that I’m very curious about.. After all, one of the key ingredients is vodka [just an excuse to drink? maybe.].

3. 105 Accessories From NYFW That Make Stylish People Look Even Cooler (

4. 10 in 20: Cozy Fall Dishes ( I REFUSE to admit that Summer is coming to an end.. However, Fall inspired cuisine does sound cozy and delicious [I’m caving..].

5. 8 Tips To Stay Healthy When You’re Crazy Busy (

6. If Disney Princes Were Real ( This video imagines a world where Disney princes are real and dating them is beyond horrific [I’m laughing out loud and people are giving me odd looks.. it happens].

7. 10 Cool Features on the New iPhone 6 (

8. The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Recipe ( Because it’s that time of year again where there is pumpkin flavored everything.. Might as well stick with one of the original pumpkin recipes.