4 Reasons to Be Grateful Today


4 Reasons to Be Grateful Today

First off, I want you to know that this article isn’t about belittling your problems or pulling one of those crap moves where I tell you ‘Other people have it SO much worse!” It’s true, there are people out in the world that have bigger problems than you – but that doesn’t make it okay to say you have no right to be upset about something. This article is about making yourself feel better and changing the way you think. If you have a problem or you find yourself in a really unfortunate situation, finding things to be grateful for can empower you and help you overcome anything standing in your way – seriously. So here’s 4 reasons you should be grateful today:

1. Being grateful sets the tone for the day ahead of you. Try waking up and going through a list of things you’re thankful for – you’ll be amazed at how many things come to mind! It could be something as small as a warm cup of coffee or as big as you’re grateful to be healthy and alive. Starting the day off on a positive, grateful note will put a smile on your face for the entire day!

2. Being grateful brings great things into your life. So my friend is a little obsessed with ‘The Secret’ and swears that when you think about good things, you attract good things. Whether you believe in ‘The Secret’ or not, I can guarantee that being grateful everyday will bring great things into your life – or make you realize the great things that are already there! Your way of thinking changes and you start to seek out little things to add to your grateful list.’

3. Being grateful keeps the dreaded spiraling away. You know how sometimes you wake up in a bad mood and everything seems to go wrong? Maybe you just have a bunch of little things that have piled up throughout the week, and today has just become the icing on a craptastic cake of a week.

When you throw a little gratefulness into the mix, you quickly realize that you have a lot to be thankful for and that you’re strong enough to handle anything that comes your way – take the world by storm, baby.

4. Being grateful makes you a Positive Polly. Everyone knows SOMEONE that is just a complete downer – maybe they constantly complain about their job, their significant other, the stick up their butt… you get the idea. This type of person is a total vibe killer! It’s one thing to have a bad day and vent a little, but it’s a whole other story when you never have anything nice/positive to say. No one wants to be around someone that constantly complains! When you change your way of thinking and start being more grateful for what you’ve got, your whole demeanor changes and you come off as a much more satisfied and happy individual.

No one can be positive all the time – I totally get it. However, next time you’re feeling down or like the world is out to get you, try coming up with five things you’re truly grateful for – I think you’ll surprise yourself! Now go out there and shower those positive vibes on the world and watch as people gravitate towards you, you badass ball of sweetness and enthusiasm.

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