Cyber Comparison Ends NOW


Cyber Comparison Ends NOW

In today’s world, we’re always plugged in and turned on to the internet – a wonderful resource that is constantly buzzing with news, information, and overwhelming amounts of stuff. This 24/7 access to the online world can be a blessing because it allows us to connect with people we haven’t seen in years, as well as stay up to date with events happening thousands of miles away.. But it can also be a curse.

How many times have you creeped on someone you admire/envy? I’ll be the first person to admit that sometimes I find myself in a funk, digging deep into a profile of a friend of a friend of a.. You get the idea. An hour later I’ll rouse myself realizing that I’m knee deep in their vacation pictures and sappy significant other shit. *cue shameful clearing of browser history*

First, let me emphasize the fact that the personas you see on the internet are an illusion. Except for the select few who air their dirty laundry across the web, most internet users post only what they want others to see. They will post pictures of alcohol infused nights out with friends, create albums full of Spring Break awesomeness, and craft statuses/tweets that emphasize how much they LOVE their life.. I cannot emphasize enough how much this online face is complete and utter bullshit.

EVERYONE in the entire world has problems and low points, and EVERYONE looks at their current situation and compares it to someone else’s – it’s human nature. So this brings me to my next point: STOP comparing yourself to other people on the web. Their story is not your story, and their chapter five is going to look a whole hell of a lot different than your chapter two (let’s pretend I came up with that little beauty by myself). It’s okay to browse through profiles, tweets, etc. and see what people are up to, just remember to take everything you see and read with a grain of salt.

Next time you find yourself digging deep into a successful friend’s profile or creeping on your boyfriend’s ex, take a step back and breathe. You’re a wonderful, beautiful individual that is on your own path. You’re figuring shit out, messing up along the way, and experiencing all the ups and downs that life is throwing at you – and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t compare yourself, sweetcheeks!

Readers: Are you guilty of cyber comparison? How do you deal with the negative thoughts that often accompany comparing yourself to others?

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