‘Links I Love’ Wednesday


'Links I Love' WednesdayWednesday: a day of the week that you either love or hate. On one hand, you’re halfway through the week and one step closer to the weekend – on the other hand, you’re only halfway through the week with a few days standing between you and a Friday night wine sesh [that’s a thing, right?].

No matter how you feel about Wednesday, I’m here to [hopefully] make it better! Every week I’ll be posting a collection of my favorite links. I shall call this weekly post [drumroll] ‘LINKS I LOVE’ WEDNESDAY [badum-tsss]!

Below you’ll find a few links that I find interesting, however, feel free to add your own favorite links in the comment section below!

It’s okay, people – together we’ll make it through this week!

1. 12 surprising recipes you can make with sweet plantains. [YUM!]

2. Wardrobe essentials to help you transition from Winter to Spring. [Do me a favor and upload these to my closet, would ya?]

3. Thug Kitchen’s Cookbook release date. [If you don’t know what Thug Kitchen is, you’re seriously missing out. Warning: contains strong language.]

4. 12 easy pairs of relaxed denim for Spring.

5. Why buttered coffee is the next big health craze. [Um.. Wut?]

6. It’s Wine Wednesday over at The Berry!

7. 28 tiny animals so cute that they will make you EXTREMELY MAD. [How DARE you be so adorable?!]

8. Baked cheesy chicken taquitos. [Is it Cinco de Mayo yet?]

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