How to Get Your Dream Job without Experience


How to Get Your Dream Job without ExperienceOne of the first things that I like to do in the morning is browse through my Twitter feed and get a feel for what’s going on in the world. [AKA stalk Cosmopolitan online.] Today while reading up on the riveting details of the stock market*, [*fawning over cute puppies] I stumbled across an article from the great people over at Levo: No Experience? No Problem. How 4 Pros Landed Their Dream Gigs.

Having only graduated from the University of Michigan about a year ago, I completely understand how frustrating it can be trying to get a job when you have little to no experience – let alone your DREAM job! Before I graduated, I must have sent out 100+  applications/résumé‎s and received 200+ rejections. [How does that happen? I DON’T KNOW, but apparently it does.] Thankfully, my current employer saw something in my poorly worded résumé, and working here has been an excellent learning experience.

Looking back on when I first started applying, I realize now that 1) my résumé was an EXACT replica of hundreds of other recent graduates, 2) my cover letter had zero personality and did a piss poor job of telling people who I was as a person. [e.g., rapid consumer of large quantities of guacamole.] After seeing how the interview process played out at my current job, and doing extensive research on the subject, I’ve come up with a few ways that you [YES, YOU!] can get your dream job without experience.

In addition to the excellent points made by Levo, [seriously, go read this right meow.] I’d like to add a few of my own:

1.  Don’t have just one résumé. Take a look at what the position your applying for entails and what they are looking for in a candidate. Then, update your résumé and focus on skills/experiences that you have that relate to the job. When it comes to your résumé and cover letter, one size does NOT fit all.

2. Get yourself some solid recommendations. Unless you’re a hermit, [not hating on hermits, you do YOU.] you know individuals that may be willing to vouch for your character, skills, etc. Ask them to write you a recommendation letter or endorse you on your LinkedIn account. [No mom, not you.] If you’ve caught the attention of the potential employer with your résumé/cover letter, strong recommendations may be your ticket to an interview.

3. After the interview is over, thank the interviewer for their time! I recommend sending them a handwritten note, simply because it will make you stand out. An email can be quickly scanned and trashed, while a note is something they’re more likely to linger over. If you’re the type of person to procrastinate and forget, write the note beforehand and pop it in a nearby post box after the interview is finito.

While I definitely don’t have all the answers, hopefully these tips will help you in your quest to score the job of your dreams! If you’re currently applying, I’m sending good vibes your way! [*gOoD vIbEs..OoH mAgIcAl*]

Readers: Have any tips to add? What has worked for you in the past when trying to score an interview?


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3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Dream Job without Experience

  1. Great tips! When I was looking for a job I had different CVs for almost every open position. I would recommend to keep focus. Sending out your CV to all kinds of positions possibly end up in getting a job you won’t like. Rather explore the options in the field you would choose and start knocking on the doors. It takes a lot of effort but the success will come 🙂

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