Weekly Rundown


Weekly Rundown
It’s officially FRIDAY! I sincerely hope you all have had a great week and are looking forward to a fun and exciting weekend! I personally will be extremely busy this weekend with exciting engagements and champagne-filled parties*. [*Binge-watching Netflix and eating my weight in pizza.]

As part of a weekly routine, I’ll be incorporating a new blog series to [hopefully] keep you entertained and informed about what’s going on in the world this week. While I obviously can’t touch on every topic and event that occurs, I’ll do my best to get a nice variety. This weekly blog series will be titled: THE WEEKLY RUNDOWN.

So, without further ado:

1. So about that Netflix binge-watching sesh.. Netflix is apparently seeing quite a bit success – so much in fact, they want to increase their current $7.99 a month price by $1 or $2. Thankfully, the change in price won’t take effect anytime soon. [Nothing better come between me and my ‘Orange is the New Black’!]

2. Lupita Nyong’o has been named People’s Most Beautiful Woman. [Because, obviously.] In the article she explains how growing up she always thought “light skin and long, flowing, straight hair,” was the only way to be beautiful. Now she realizes that you need to be comfortable in your own skin, and above all, be happy! [Amen to that, sister!]

3. Your e-cigarettes are under scrutiny by the FDA. The FDA has announced that they will be regulating e-cigarettes for the first time ever. This is due mostly to the fact that minors are able to get their hands on e-cigs pretty easily and the health risks are still pretty smokey. [Heh heh, so punny.]

4. WE ARE BOSTON STRONG. A year after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, Meb Keflezighi has become the first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983.

5. The REAL reason Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover is selling so well.. Kim was spotted in Los Angeles this week buying an armful of Vogue magazines with her face plastered on the front of it. [Since I try to come from a place of love, I’ll stay silent on this one [hahahaha!]]

6. Palcohol AKA Powdered Alcohol was approved earlier this month, but then regulators quickly changed their minds. Palcohol is a freeze-dried alcohol in powder form that comes in small packets for those drinkers that want something quick on the go. [AKA a college kid’s dream come true.] The reasoning behind revoking the approval seems to be that regulators think Palcohol will be misused and/or abused. [Martini marinated chicken, anyone? No?]

And the BIGGEST thing to happen this week:

7. THE WONUT. [MORE LIKE WOAH-YOU’RE-NUTS-TO-NOT-WANT-THIS] The ‘Wonut’ is a waffle and donut hybrid of deliciousness. Breakfast will never be the same. [And neither will my pant size.] Take a look at these beauties:

Weekly Rundown

While I no doubt missed events that took place this week, I’d love to start a conversation with you in the comment section below! So readers: what would you have included in this week’s ‘Weekly Rundown’? Do you think they should approve Palcohol? [and maybe pair it with a Cronut?]  E-cigarettes: do you love them or hate them?

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