5 Ways You Can Be Kind Right Now


5 Ways You Can Be Kind Right Now

Fact: there’s always something you can do to brighten someone’s day. To help you share the love on this wonderful Tuesday, I’ve come up with 5 ways you can be kind right now..

1. Chat up the person ringing up your groceries, making your coffee, setting you up with a dressing room.. whatever. When you work in some type of service position [e.g., retail, food, etc.], the people you help often ignore you or treat you like your reason for existence is to serve them. [Sad but true.. I know this from experience.] So next time somebody is helping you, ask them how their day is going and treat them.. you know.. like a human being.

2. Someone nearby seem a little down? Catch their eye and smile – smiles are contagious! [ You know.. but contagious in a good way.]

3. Buy somebody’s coffee/meal. If you’re in line at Starbucks or maybe picking up a quick drive thru meal, pick up the tab of the person behind you. If somebody does this for you, pass it on and pick up the tab of the next person. [Pass those pretty vibes along, cutie.]

4.  Compliment a coworker.. Or better yet, a complete stranger! Mention that you really dig their shoes, or you love their hairstyle! [My personal favorite: Hey.. I really like your FACE.]

5. Listen. I know this one seems kind of obvious, but next time somebody is telling you a story or maybe hinting that they need to vent about something, take a moment and give them your full attention. Put the phone down, turn away from the computer, set the Chipotle burrito aside – whatever you need to do to give them your undivided attention. Sometimes, really listening to somebody is the nicest thing you can do for them.

Be Kind, Be Grateful, Be Happy. 🙂 Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!

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