Weekly Rundown


Weekly Rundown

Friday has officially arrived, my friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and are planning on having crazy adventures and/or relaxing times this weekend [whatever suits you best]. I’ll actually be going out with some friends to try a new restaurant near the Dirty D [Detroit for all those non-mitten kittens]: Vinsetta Garage.

As I promised last week, every Friday I will be posting a ‘Weekly Rundown’ of events that are happening around the globe. I’ll try to give as much of a variety as possible, but I’d love to hear what news/events are catching your eye this week – so sound off in the comment section below!

Also: HAPPY MAY! Wishing you all a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC month full of good vibes and cool shit.

1. Queen B made the cover of Time Magazine. Whether you love or hate her [LOVE], Beyoncé Knowles Carter has made the cover of Time’s “100 Most Influential” issue. Who runs the world? Girls Beyoncé.

2. An execution has gone horribly awry in Oklahoma. This week in Oklahoma, an inmate’s execution is raising eyebrows [to put it lightly] after the drug concoction used caused the inmate to suffer horribly before dying of a heart attack. With drug companies trying to distance themselves from the death penalty, it’s become a little fuzzy as to where the new execution drugs are coming from. With this botched execution making headlines everywhere, Capital Punishment is back up for discussion.

3. 2016 Olympic Preparations in Rio de Janeiro aren’t going so well. Apparently the Olympic Committee feels that Rio is so far behind on preparations that they may not be ready to host the games by 2016 [ruh roh]. Since there is no backup plan, the Committee will be stepping in and assigning qualified individuals to make sure Rio is ready and rockin’ by 2016. [merda..]

4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their 3rd anniversary. I LOVE the royal family but guys.. I think the real story here is that Prince George is possibly the cutest thing ever!

Weekly Rundown

Bitches love me.

5. 55 U.S. Colleges are being investigated for neglecting to handle sexual abuse complaints properly. To see if your school made the list, click here. Note: just because your school made the list doesn’t mean that they have done anything wrong, it simply means they are under investigation.

6. The NBA is banning current Clippers owner Donald Sterling fo’ life. After a very offensive tape leaked of Donald Sterling being.. ahem.. a little racist [AKA VERY RACIST], the NBA has finally taken action by banning the owner for life and forcing him to pay a $2.5 million fine – money that will go towards organizations that promote acceptance.

While I no doubt missed events that took place this week, I’d love to start a conversation with you in the comment section below! So readers: what would you have included in this week’s ‘Weekly Rundown’? What are your thoughts on the botched execution in Oklahoma? Are you excited about Sasha Fierce making the cover of Time magazine?

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