Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

The weekend is within sight, people! I hope your week is going spectacularly and you’re all prepping to spoil and/or kiss your mother’s ass this weekend. After all: she brought you into this world, she can take you out. If you aren’t sure what to get her for Mother’s Day, I’ve provided you with some inspiration in this week’s ‘Links I Love Wednesday’. [Don’t worry, boo. I got your back.] As always, I’d love to see what links/pages/stuff you’re currently loving! So after you’ve browsed and clicked away, feel free to post your favorite links in the comment section below. [Hurrah!]

Keep being freakin’ awesome, guys.

1. 15 Sweet Colorful Bags You Need for Spring. Most of the bags are a little outside my budget [sob], but very cute!

2. Mother’s Day Gift Guide from The Glitter Guide. Mother’s day is right around the corner and the Glitter Guide has a few great gift ideas. But this guide is completely pointless because you’ve already picked out a great gift for your madre, RIGHT?

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Balls. These delicious energy bites are full of ‘good fat’ which means you can indulge guilt free! [HA HA like I was going to feel guilty anyways.*stuffs face*]

4. Tips to Understand Tricky Juice Labels. Punch those juice labels in the face with Food Babe’s juicy juice secrets. This is a great article explaining what things like ‘100% Juice’ and ‘Not From Concentrate’ really mean.

5. 10 Sandal Trends to Free Those Toes. [Let those babies breathe.]

6. Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos. [Yes. Tiny burritos. And it’s adorable.]

7. 12 Sweet Popsicles to Keep You From Melting This Summer. Check out these delicious recipes if you’re looking for something sweet to whip up OR you just want to drool over delicious popsicle pictures. [I’m cool with either.]

8. The 23 Most Disrespectful Things That Have Ever Happened. RUDE.

9. Recipes to Impress on Mother’s Day. There are like three links to recipes on this post.. [DON’T JUDGE ME! #foodiesunite]

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