Weekly Rundown


Weekly RundownIt’s finally Friday and you know what that means.. [wink wink, nudge nudge] IT’S WEEKLY RUNDOWN TIME! It also means that the weekend has finally arrived, which I understand is a little more exciting [aka A LOT MORE EXCITING]. I sincerely hope you all have had a great week so far and are walking into an even better weekend – you deserve it!

If you’re a newbie to Daniele Uses Wordsthanks for checking out my little slice of real estate on the web! As part of a weekly series, every Friday I’ll be posting a ‘Weekly Rundown’ of events that are happening around the globe. I’ll try to give as much of a variety as possible, but obviously I miss some stuffs. If you have something you’d like to add, or maybe you’d like to start up a conversation, feel free to add your voice to the comment section below!

Is anyone else craving pizza? Moving on:

1. Wildfires are still running rampant in California. With over 10,000 acres of land already scorched, the west coast state is now starting to see “firenadoes” i.e., funnels of flames that look tornadoes. CNN reports that the heat and winds are starting to die down, so hopefully the wildfires will cease soon.

2. China may build an underwater train to connect the country to the USA. Chinese officials have revealed that they have been seriously considering building an undersea train that would connect Beijing to Alaska. This train route would be about 8,000 miles long and would connect China, Russia, Canada and the U.S. [China, say wha?]

3. Jay-Z has 99 problems and Solange is one. [heh heh] Well, they say she’s not but.. A video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z in an elevator leaked earlier this week and the internet completely lost its mind over it. As of yesterday, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange released a joint statement saying that every family has problems [AKA STOP with the internet gossip]. To see Solange slap Jay-Z around, click here.

4. The Internet is up for discussion. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has agreed to discuss the Internet and the idea of ‘Net Neutrality’. ‘Net Neutrality‘ is the idea that Internet providers should treat all content equally without slowing down or blocking particular products or websites. Basically, Internet service providers want to be able to charge companies [e.g., Amazon, Netflix, Hulu] for faster connections and get rid of ‘Net Neutrality’. Time to sit back and watch the debate begin.

5. A Turkish coal mine has exploded and killed 282 miners. A coal mine exploded and caught fire on Tuesday afternoon in Soma, Turkey. Even though there are still miners missing, it’s beginning to look grim since rescuers haven’t found a miner alive since Wednesday morning. Turkey is calling this the worst mining disaster in Turkish history.

6. Woman’s cancer is blasted with the measles virus. A woman named Stacy Erholtz who suffered from a severe form of blood cancer underwent a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic. With tumors growing all over her body, Stacy was injected with 100 billion units of the measles virus [enough to inoculate 10 million people] and has since went into remission. Although the experiment was a 2-person trial, only Stacy has seen success. However, researchers remain cautiously optimistic.

7. A cat has been declared a hero after saving a boy. While you really should watch the video, here’s what happens: this crazy ass dog comes and latches on to the boy’s leg. Then BAM, the boy’s cat comes flying out of nowhere and scares the dog away. It’s actually very heroic and the boy was able to walk away with only [PFFT ONLY] 10 stitches in his leg.


While I no doubt missed events that took place this week, I’d love to start a conversation with you in the comment section below! So readers: what would you have included in this week’s ‘Weekly Rundown’? What do you think about the ‘Net Neutrality’ debate? Did the heroic cat sway you to the dark side, or are you still a dog person?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Stay lovely!


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