Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

WEDNESDAY HAS ARRIVED! This week is really flying by, right? [Ha ha but really, it’s not.] I sincerely hope you are enjoying your week thus far and are looking forward to a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend! As always, I’d love to see what links/pages/videos/stuffs you’re currently loving! So after you’ve perused and clicked away, feel free to post your favorite links in the comment section below.

I’m sending you all good vibrations.. Can you feel them? Awesome. Enjoy your week, beautiful people!

1. 38 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Better about Yourself. [DEAD.]

2. How to Make a Luxury Bed. Find out how you [YES, YOU] can turn your so-so bed into a luxurious haven of softness and ruffles [Oooh, fancy.]

3. How to Take That Elliptical Workout to the Next Level. [Work those buns!]

4. Sweet Tea Oven-Fried Chicken Sliders w/ Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Slaw + Crispy Onions. Holy shit that’s a mouthful [but a delicious mouthful]. I plan on playing with this recipe at some point this weekend [and daydreaming about it all week].

5. Nail Art How-To: Multicolored Striped Mani. Very cute tutorial! [For those that don’t have nails that chip immediately AKA me, myself and I]

6. 6 Steps for Networking for New Grads. Great tips for the recently graduated on how to network.

7. 15 Playful, Unusual Totes to Carry Now. Some are affordable, some are… not. [*looks sadly at bank account* *sob*]

8. How to Never Forget Someone’s Name Again. A cool memory trick to help you remember names [nifty].

9. A Friendly Reminder That Kim Kardashian Used to Work for Paris Hilton. [Hahaha KCCO]

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