Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

This middle of the week has finally arrived [muah-haha!] and now the countdown to the weekend shall commence. Although it’s only Wednesday, I hope you all are having a great week thus far! As with every hump day, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite links this week for you to peruse, laugh at, and then share with your friends [purty please?]. If you have a blog or another link you’d like me to look at, add it to the comment section below! I love to see what stuffs you’re currently loving, so feel free to add your voice to the mix.

YOU GUYS, today is going to be wonderful. I can feel it. Have a great Wednesday, beautiful people!

1. 25 Hot Dogs That Went Above and Beyond ( Hot diggety-dog these look delicious [*wipes drool in unattractive way*].

2. DIY to Making Refreshing Face Mists ( I will definitely be whipping a few of these up [so fancy].

3. A Brief Guide to Life ( Just a few quick ways to chill out and make life a little less complicated [woooo-sahhhh].

4. Easy Apple’ n’ Pear Tarte ( A deliciously easy tarte recipe [comfort food FTW].

5. How to Make Your Bed ( A detailed tutorial on how to make your bed from the pros [because apparently professional bed maker is a thing].

6. The Sweetest Missed Connections on Craigslist ( Sweet people post their missed connections on Craigslist and the end result is adorable [totes adorbs, people].

7. An Oregon Couple Rushed Through Their Wedding Because of a Wildfire ( They then took their wedding photos in front of the devastating blaze [because they’re badasses] and the photos are marvelous. 

8. Inspiration to Make Your Bookshelf Look Cool as Hell. ( Experts decorate bookshelves to make your bookshelf look like child’s play [WHOA harsh].

9. How to Make a B-E-A-utiful Flower Centerpiece (

Just because –

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