Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

Hump day is officially here, which means it’s ‘Links I Love Wednesday’ [*crowd roars*]. If you’re new to Daniele Uses Words [WELCOME], this post is part of a weekly series where I round up a bunch of my favorite links from this week. If you have a blog or another link you’d like me to look at, add it to the comment section below! I love to see what stuffs you’re currently loving, so feel free to add your voice to the mix.

Have a wonderfully stupendous Wednesday, everyone! You know the drill –

1. 10 Awesome Desserts You Can Make in the Microwave (

2. Apothic Rose Hibiscus Spritzer Recipe ( Named the ‘Unofficial Beverage of Summer’, this spritzer looks light and refreshing [ahhhhhhh].

3. Soft Vintage T-Shirts From 1970-1990 ( These mystery shirts from TheBeardedBee look deliciously soft and comfortable. PLUS, only $8 for a truly vintage tee? I’ll take 20.

4. 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever for Its Own Good ( I just.. there are no words. Just look:

Links I Love Wednesday.

5. 7 Ideas You Never Thought To Do With Tape ( Using Washi tape, the decorating professionals put tape on everything from plates to wall outlets [spoiler alert: it’s chic as hell].

6. DIY Patterned Flatware Pouches ( A cute little pouch to put your pretty silverware in. Perfect for dinners where you’d like to make an impression [“Wow Daniele. I can tell from these pouches that you really have your shit together.” IKR?!]

7. 13 Ways to Turn a Tiny Pad Into a Palace ( Currently living in a small space? Refinery 29 has great tips to get the most out of your tiny space, making your little slice of real estate feel open, warm, and inviting.

8. 3 Crunch-Free Ways to Tone Your Abs ( Get your ab workout on without suffering through those dreadful crunches [the only crunch I can finish is the candy bar. Just sayin’.]

9. Garlic Parmesan Popcorn (

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