Weekly Rundown


Weekly Rundown

It’s Friday, Fridayyyyy! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m DEFINITELY ready for the weekend.

I hope you all have had a great week though and I’m wishing you an exciting and adventurous weekend. 🙂

There is a lot going on in the world this week, and I’m only covering a small portion of it. If you have something you’d like to say, feel free to add your voice to the comment section below! I love reading your comments, so definitely chime in if you’re feeling chatty.

The weekend!!! It’s so close I can taste it [sorta]..

1.Chelsea Handler will debut a talk show in 2016 via Netflix. After announcing the end of her show on E! Network, Chelsea Handler has revealed she will be taking her business elsewhere [AKA away from the Kardashians AKA to Netflix]. After seeing the success of ‘Orange is the New Black’, Handler recognized that the internet-video service is a platform to consider. After months of negotiations, Netflix and Handler giggled excitedly and told the world that they will be working together to create a new talk show. The “updated format” will be unfiltered and [hopefully] hilarious.

2. THE WORLD CUP. I’m not going to even try to summarize everything that’s been going on [you would pity me for my lack of soccer knowledge]. For a full summary of who is winning, who is losing, and who is making people laugh, click the link!

3. Amazon tries to sit at the Smartphone table. Earlier this week, Amazon revealed their ‘Fire Phone’ which is a smartphone designed to cater to the Amazon Prime customer. Although it looks very similar to every other Smartphone on the market, Amazon was proud to show the world they had a card up their sleeve: this Smartphone can track a user’s head. What this means is that the phone uses a variety of cameras to produce 3D effects that allow images to pop out of the screen, adding depth to the phone. The Fire Phone will also have a feature called Firefly that will allow users to detect phone numbers, movies, books, CDs, food, and games through the camera. Why is this useful? You point your camera at a DVD, it will recognize it, take you to Amazon.com and let you buy it instantly [whoa].

4.  275 U.S. military personnel are being sent to Iraq. If you haven’t been following the events in Iraq this week, here is a quick summary: a terrorist group called ISIS has been attacking a number of Iraqi towns and cities. They have killed hundreds of innocent people  and Iraq has asked for our help. After much debate, Obama has announced that he will be sending 275 U.S. military advisers to Iraq to help the struggling security forces fend off this wave of crazy.

5. Twin tornadoes tore through northeast Nebraska on Monday. The small town of Pilger was devastated on Monday after two tornadoes touched down at the same time. The crazy twin tornadoes killed one person and critically injured at least 16 more. Although the storm only lasted for about 2 minutes, it was enough to completely wipe out half the town and do serious damage.

6. Time to add entrepreneur to Barbie’s extensive resume. Mattel has recently announced that they will be releasing a new model of Barbie and her friends – Entrepreneur Barbie [Entrepreneur of WHAT? Way to be vague, Mattel]. According to Amazon, “Barbie ‘is ready to make a bold business move and strike out on her own to achieve her career dreams!'” Barbie, 55-years young, is poised to take the business world by storm [putting the B in Boss since 1959, bro].

Did I mention it’s FRIDAY?

Weekly Rundown

Readers: What country are you rooting for at the 2014 World Cup? Will you watch Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix? What do you think about Amazon’s Fire Phone?

Enjoy your weekend, people! ❤

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