5 Things to Do When You Start to Overthink


5 Things to Do When You Start to Brood1

We all have our moments in life where we ‘brood’ over things.. It’s natural to reflect on upsetting thoughts such as distressing confrontations or conversations that lead to a fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/loved one/etc. It’s perfectly okay to think about these things for awhile and let them soak in your brain – but then it’s important to let it go.

Why? Let me give you a few reasons –

    • Brooding constantly and for an extended period of time can lead to depression.
    • It can lead to spiraling [oh hellll no], which is when one negative thought brings to mind another negative thought and another… And then that original negative thought has turned into a “my whole life is a disaster and I don’t deserve to be happy”.
    • Stewing about upsetting things puts you in a shitty mood [obvi], which in turn increases the chance you’ll turn to alcohol or binge eating [“pizza, you’re my only friend!” *sobs*]
    • All that negativity can really take a toll on you physically and mentally. In fact, all that stress can put you at the risk of developing cardiovascular disease [don’t phunk with my heart, yo].

If you didn’t take the time to read those bullet points, let me sum it up for you: brooding makes you feel like shit. Brooding over negative thoughts and events only hurts you, and does nothing to help you get over the event or conversation that’s causing you trouble to begin with. What’s the point in that?.

5 Things to Do When You Start to Brood

I’m not saying it’s easy trying to get over something – especially if that something was extremely hurtful or traumatizing. All I’m saying is that you need to actively work on letting it go. It’s going to be challenging, but I can promise you that your mind will feel healthier and your spirit will feel happier.


For those moments when the negative thoughts really won’t go away, here are 5 things to do when you start to overthink:

  1. Take a drive, turn on your favorite song [unless your favorite song is depressing.. if that’s the case, listen to the Beach Boys or something], and sing your heart out! You’ll feel so much better when the only thing you’re really thinking about is the next line to the song you’re listening to. Plus, singing in the car is awesome.
  2. If running is your thing, go for a jog! Endorphins are released when you exercise, which in turn reduces any feelings of pain or distress, making you feel happy. 🙂
  3. Watch a movie. Preferably one that is not about the event/conversation that’s causing you stress in the first place.
  4. Talk sweetly to yourself. Okay, so this one sounds a little crazy.. but if you find yourself in an overthinking/brooding situation, give yourself a little pep talk! Actively push the negative thoughts away, and then think about things you like about yourself, why you deserve to be happy, why you’re an awesome human being, etc.
  5. Give your best friend or your mom a call. Actually, you can give anyone a call, as long as they are someone you really enjoy talking to and know they will listen. Then, vent away or talk about something else entirely! Sometimes hearing a friendly voice and laughing with someone you care about can pop you right out of your funk.

Whatever you’re going through, I totally get it. Just keep your chin up and keep on trucking! I’m sending good vibes your way. ❤

5 Things to Do When You Start to Brood1

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