Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

Hey ya’allllll! It’s officially hump day! 😀 Although Wednesday usually means the middle of the week has arrived, us Americanos will be dipping out early this week because of the Fourth of July! Celebrating America and enjoying a long weekend? I’m down for that.

If you’re new to Daniele Uses Words [hey, hi, how’s it going?], this post is part of a weekly series where I round up a bunch of my favorite links from this week. If you have a blog or another link you’d like me to look at, add it to the comment section below! I love to see what stuffs you’re currently loving, so feel free to add your voice to the mix.

Have a great week, everyone! And enjoy your long weekend!

1. 6 Things Healthy Couples Don’t Do  ( With little gems like “Walk through each day in a posture of selflessness, and ask yourself what you can do for your relationship, not what your relationship can do for you” – how can you not love this?

2. 20 New Ways to Wear the Fishtail Braid (

3. The Dos and Donts of Writing a Cover Letter ( Have you ever googled ‘Sample Cover Letters’ and tried to personalize it? [Guilty.] Yeahhhh.. Don’t do that.

4. 10 Best Lipsticks for Summer ( I’m not a lipstick person.. But these might just make me give that lip stuffs another go!

5. HILARIOUS GIFS ( That’s all you need to know. Venture forth, young one. Browse and be merry.

6. 7 Easy Moves for Toned Arms ( [Work it, boo!]

7. 10 Ways to Get Out of Bed in the Morning ( I know how comfy your bed is, but get yo butt up and greet the day!

8. How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo ( The key ingredient to having a good hair day: dry shampoo.

9. 2 Fresh Summer Drinks ( Cold, delicious drinks that make you look like a fancy shmancy bartender? I’m down.

10. Honey Sweetened Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet Recipe ( This looks delicious! Perfect for the Fourth of July weekend.

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