4 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt


4 Ways to Conquer Self-DoubtLet me be frank: self-doubt is a bitch. Self-doubt is the cranky old neighbor next door that tells you to pipe down when you’re having a party.

Unfortunately, we all have our moments when we encounter cranky old self-doubt, and our inner selves are put up for scrutiny. These moments arise whenever self-doubt decides to rear its ugly head – at work, in your relationship, wherevs. When you feel the self-doubt creep in, you become insecure and second guess yourself. In turn, this insecurity can lead to indecision and hesitation – both of which can keep you from accomplishing your goals and/or achieving your dreams.

A little self-doubt here and there is healthy [it keeps us all from turning into cocky jerks]. However, constant self-doubt and hesitation is bad for the soul [ain’t nobody got time for that!].

Now, because I care for you and genuinely want to see you succeed, I’m going to give you 4 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt –

1. Counteract your negative self-doubt with something positive. If it feels like self-doubt and judgement is taking over your brain, take a moment and breathe. Recognize that these are negative thoughts that you don’t want and then beat those thoughts away with something positive!

Think about your strengths, the things you like about yourself, your achievements, and your dreams. Giving yourself a little pep talk will help banish that negative energy and get you back on track to achieving your goals.

2. Be self-aware and find the root of your self-doubt. When negative thoughts come to mind, try to trace the thoughts and find out where they are coming from.

For example, let’s say you’re terrified of speaking in public.. Maybe your boss tells you that you’re going to need to give a presentation to the company. If you’re terrified of speaking in public, self-doubt might make itself known in the form of “I can’t do this”, “I’m going to bomb this presentation”, or even an extreme “I’m going to lose my job over this” [whoa buddy]. You need to recognize that these thoughts are coming from your fear of public speaking, and not necessarily because you think you’re going to fail.

Once you recognize this, you can take steps to learn how to overcome your fear. If you’re afraid of public speaking, you can take some classes, speak in public as often as possible, or get a coach to help you. There’s always something you can do to be better at the thing that makes you doubt yourself.

4 ways to overcome self doubt

3. Call for backup.  We all have people in our lives that cheer us on and root for us to achieve the impossible. This could be your parents, your significant other, your friends, etc.

Essentially, these people are our biggest fans and they genuinely want to see us succeed. When moments of self-doubt arise, give your personal cheerleader a call. Sometimes the best way to get out of a funk is having someone that you respect and care for tell you that you’re awesome.

There is one rule for calling on your cheerleaders: DON’T make it a habit. Constantly asking for validation can actually do more harm than good, simply because you start to depend on other’s opinions and advice. When this happens, you lose faith in yourself and your ability to make decisions/get shit done.

4. Let go of the past. A lot of the time, we doubt ourselves and our abilities because of our past experiences.

Going back to the public speaking example, maybe you’re self-doubting yourself because you’ve bombed a presentation before. No matter how poorly you did in the past, you need to let it go. Recognize that your past is your past – you’re not destined to repeat your mistakes!

Take a deep breath, push those memories away, and focus on the here and now. Every day is a new beginning, so don’t let your past sneak in and ruin opportunities and experiences that haven’t even happened yet.


For me personally, If I let self-doubt and insecure feelings control the way I feel about this blog, I’d never post. I have my moments where I wonder if a certain blog post was dumb, or if people will even find it funny.. However, I push those feelings and thoughts aside and publish anyways! Blogging is something that makes me happy, and honestly, that’s all the motivation I need to push the publish button.

I sincerely hope that this post has helped you. If you’re doubting yourself, stop! You’re capable of great things, all you need to do is trust yourself and go for it! 🙂

Readers: What are some ways that you overcome self-doubt? Do you have a personal cheerleader that you turn to for advice and comfort? Any tips for your fellow readers?

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6 thoughts on “4 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt

  1. The beauty of WordPress and writing, I find? is in my moments of self doubt I’ve always turned to here with my thoughts and opinions, then from there I’ve found my answers and decided on a Choice 🙂

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