Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. How the 5 Love Languages Changed My Relationship (

2. Juliet and Romeo Cocktail ( This refreshing cocktail is perfect for labor day weekend [drink up, lovelies!].

3. 8 Super-Fun Date Ideas for You and Your Bestie ( Everyone needs a little girl time [or bro time]. Here are a few fun date ideas for you and your BFF.

4.3 Ways to Prepare For a Career Change (

5. How to Disguise Over-Plucked Brows ( If you were a little too happy go lucky with the tweezers, BACK AWAY and let the beauty department take it from here.

6. Food Concoctions That Will Help Kickstart a Heart Attack ( This is an album full of delicious looking food that you DEFINITELY know is bad for you [nothing wrong with just looking, right?].

7. 13 Enchanting Homes That Are Straight Out of a Fairytale ( Just a little home inspiration [#designenvy is a thing].

8. 6 Office Wardrobe Malfunctions to Avoid ( Forget looking like a slob kabob at work – pull yourself together and look like the professional you are [or pretending to be.. hey, whatever works].

9. 10 Labored (or Lazy) Recipes for Labor Day Weekend (

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