Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. What The Cast Of “Little Rascals” Looks Like Today ( C’mon.. I know you’re a little curious what they look like. Just click it.

2. French Toast w/ Berry Butter Recipe ( First off, I love breakfast. Second, this looks DELICIOUS. The berry butter recipe alone is worth taking a look at this link.

3. 57 Books to Read This Fall (

4. Fall 2014 Fashion Trends and Essentials ( Curious about what’s in style for Fall? As much as I want to deny that Summer is coming to an end, I am pretty pumped about wear scarves, boots, sweaters, etc [drink/eat anything pumpkin flavored].

5.What if Money Was No Object ( I LOVE this. A great comic strip of Alan Watts’ lecture where he encourages you to do what you love [eat pizza for a living? SIGN ME UP.].

6. Fun and Feminine Desk Organizing ( Tips to rearrange and decorate your desk for Fall [that season I’m still in denial about..].

7. Why People Fall Out of Love ( This title is designed to grab your attention but it leads to a great article that talks about how to keep falling in love with your boo.

8. 7 Week Old Baby Hears for the First Time ( SO CUTE [*cries quietly behind computer monitor*]

9. Daniele’s Twitter Account ( HEY, THAT’S ME!

Have a great week, everyone! Stay fly. ;D

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