Hey You!


My dearest readers.. I apologize for being MIA and not posting as frequently as I’d like to. I want you to know.. It’s not you, it’s me.

HOWEVER, this is anything but a breakup. I just wanted to inform you that I will be posting more frequently from now on. You know why? [spoiler alert: I may or may not have just done something very adult-like].

Because I’m creating a schedule.

So bear with me just a little bit longer and we’ll have a BLAST next week.. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll throw produce at me from your computer and I’m COMPLETELY okay with that because I’m in need of groceries.

For now, make sure to check back for ‘Links I Love Wednesday’ and a surprise post on Friday. If you really want to hear my weird daily ramblings, you can check me out on the Twitter machine –> @daeljo

ALSO, if you have any blog requests for specific topics, feel free to comment below.

Have a great Monday, lovelies! I’ll see all y’all on Wednesday!


Happy Fourth of July


Happy Fourth of July


Uncle Sam told me it’s rude to blog on his birthday.. So I’ll be skipping over this week’s ‘Weekly Rundown’ to observe a day of great food and sunshine.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Happy Fourth of July! I’ll see you all on Monday! ❤

7 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas


7 Fun Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and I know you all have gotten your pops something for the day of appreciation [RIGHT?]. If you haven’t [which you totally already did], here are 7 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas to make your dad smile this June 15th.

Starting from the top left corner –

1. Smartphone Speaker ($19). For the not-so technologically advanced father.

2. Beer Soap – Made With Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale ($7.35).

3. Bartending Tool ($40).

4. Roll-Up Travel Charger ($25).

5. Survivor Kit in a Water Bottle ($35).

6. Match Case ($4.99).

7. Cuisinart 14-Piece BBQ Tool Set ($39.99).

Motivation for Your Tuesday


Motivation for Your Tuesday7Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastically long weekend full of excitement, sunshine, and good vibrations. For those that check back every Friday for the ‘Weekly Rundown’, I apologize for skipping out last week [my b, homey]. I started my weekend a little early and was in a sunshine coma for the entirety of Memorial Day Weekend.

To get you through this Tuesday, here is a post full of motivation and inspiration [ooooh magical]. ALSO, make sure to check back tomorrow for the ‘Links I Love Wednesday’ and start a conversation/introduce yourself in the comment section below. Enjoy the rest of your day, lovely people!

Motivation for Your Tuesday Motivation for Your Tuesday6 Motivation for Your Tuesday5 Motivation for Your Tuesday4