Motivational Monday


Mondays.. amiright? There is nothing quite like trying to get back into the flow of things after having a relaxing and care-free weekend. To help you conquer the Monday blues, i’ve gathered a few feel good stuffs to help you find that inner motivation to SEIZE THE DAY.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. What The Cast Of “Little Rascals” Looks Like Today ( C’mon.. I know you’re a little curious what they look like. Just click it.

2. French Toast w/ Berry Butter Recipe ( First off, I love breakfast. Second, this looks DELICIOUS. The berry butter recipe alone is worth taking a look at this link.

3. 57 Books to Read This Fall (

4. Fall 2014 Fashion Trends and Essentials ( Curious about what’s in style for Fall? As much as I want to deny that Summer is coming to an end, I am pretty pumped about wear scarves, boots, sweaters, etc [drink/eat anything pumpkin flavored].

5.What if Money Was No Object ( I LOVE this. A great comic strip of Alan Watts’ lecture where he encourages you to do what you love [eat pizza for a living? SIGN ME UP.].

6. Fun and Feminine Desk Organizing ( Tips to rearrange and decorate your desk for Fall [that season I’m still in denial about..].

7. Why People Fall Out of Love ( This title is designed to grab your attention but it leads to a great article that talks about how to keep falling in love with your boo.

8. 7 Week Old Baby Hears for the First Time ( SO CUTE [*cries quietly behind computer monitor*]

9. Daniele’s Twitter Account ( HEY, THAT’S ME!

Have a great week, everyone! Stay fly. ;D

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. How the 5 Love Languages Changed My Relationship (

2. Juliet and Romeo Cocktail ( This refreshing cocktail is perfect for labor day weekend [drink up, lovelies!].

3. 8 Super-Fun Date Ideas for You and Your Bestie ( Everyone needs a little girl time [or bro time]. Here are a few fun date ideas for you and your BFF.

4.3 Ways to Prepare For a Career Change (

5. How to Disguise Over-Plucked Brows ( If you were a little too happy go lucky with the tweezers, BACK AWAY and let the beauty department take it from here.

6. Food Concoctions That Will Help Kickstart a Heart Attack ( This is an album full of delicious looking food that you DEFINITELY know is bad for you [nothing wrong with just looking, right?].

7. 13 Enchanting Homes That Are Straight Out of a Fairytale ( Just a little home inspiration [#designenvy is a thing].

8. 6 Office Wardrobe Malfunctions to Avoid ( Forget looking like a slob kabob at work – pull yourself together and look like the professional you are [or pretending to be.. hey, whatever works].

9. 10 Labored (or Lazy) Recipes for Labor Day Weekend (

Negative People: Why You Don’t Need Them


Negative People Why You Don't Need Them

Negative people have the potential to be downright toxic. Even the most positive people have trouble being around constant debbie downess – this is especially true if those negative nancies happen to be people you spend a lot of your time with AKA friends.

Friendships that only give you negative energy are friendships you don’t need. You deserve to surround yourself with relationships that encourage growth of the mind and spirit. If you have a friendship or relationship that prevents that growth or drags you down, you may be better off just ridding yourself of that relationship all together.

First, let’s cover why you don’t need those negative soul suckers in your life:

  • You are who you surround yourself with. This might sound a little weird but it’s kind of like that old saying ‘you are what you eat’. It’s been said that the person you become is influenced greatly by who you spend your time with. Look at the people you hang out with the most and you will find that you have a lot of similarities. This is because the more time you spend with people, the more of their habits, verbiage, etc. you pick up. If you’re hanging around a lot of negative people, chances are you’ll become more negative yourself.
  • Negativity will affect your energy level.  Being around negativity constantly can be a real energy sucker. I’m serious. Once you’ve spent a decent amount of time with someone listening to them only moan and complain about every little thing in their life, or even put you down on a regular basis, you’ll feel drained and depressed. Not only does this affect you for the time you spend around them, it will also affect you long-term by amping up your stress and anxiety levels.

  • Negative people take up valuable space. All those toxic friendships and negative relationships your wasting time and energy on? Yeah, you could be using that time and energy on someone more positive and deserving. Negative people take up space in your life – valuable space that a positive, more supportive person could be residing in. Time to clean up your real estate, my friend.

Next, let’s identify those negative little leeches:

  • How do they handle their problems? Do they constantly complain and dump on you – then do NOTHING to actually solve the problem? Do they completely disregard all your advice? Let me tell you, a person that consistently complains about the same things yet does nothing to change their situation is toxic. I’m not talking about the casual complainer who just needs an ear from time to time – we all have our moments where we need to vent about family, work, etc. You’ll know a toxic complainer when you meet one.
  • Do they shoot down my dreams, goals, or decisions? Do they make snide comments or do things that sabotage your goals/aspirations? Do they put you down? Or tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something? For example: when I was in college, I put on a few pounds and decided I needed to make a lifestyle change. I started eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis, and quickly saw results. However, throughout that journey, I had a friend that constantly made comments such as ‘I don’t see a difference’, ‘It’s funny that I’m still skinnier than you’, or ‘What’s the point’. She would also make me cookies and cupcakes, even though she knew I was trying to make a lifestyle change. Unfortunately, friends like that aren’t friends at all. Anyone that tries to stop you from reaching your goals or discouraging you from going after your dreams is not a friend you want to have in your back pocket. Trust me.

  • Do they make an effort in our friendship? Do they refuse to call/text you first? Forget to invite you out or ask you to do things? If you find that the only times you talk or hang out are when you initiate it, it might be time to take a step back. A friendship should be give and take, 50/50. If you’re doing all the work and getting none of the reward, your friendship might be toxic.

And the most important question to ask yourself..

  • How do I feel after I hang out with this person? Do you leave them feeling depressed, doubtful, drained, or in any way negative? Do you dread seeing this person? Do they always take the last piece of pizza [unforgivable]?!?! If you answered yes to any of those, it might be time to reevaluate your relationship with that person and decide if they are really someone you want in your life.

If you’ve decided that someone is negative and you’re no longer interested in being friends, here are a few ways to let them go: 

  • Talk to them. Tell them exactly how you’re feeling and what has been bothering you – maybe they weren’t aware of how they were acting! Take the time to calmly communicate with them and make sure to come from a place of compassion and love. You won’t get anywhere if you attack them and start listing everything they’ve done wrong. By talking to your negative friend and bringing the problems to light, you will both be able to evaluate the friendship and see if it is worth saving. If communicating with them doesn’t work, simply tell them you need a break and then cut ties.

  • Stop talking to them. Depending on the friendship and situation, it might just be better to cut ties right away. Avoid seeing them, stop answering their calls, etc. If you have mutual friends and this option is completely impossible, try limiting the time you spend with them. Hang out only in groups, cut calls short, whatever. Even though this sounds mean, you will feel so much better ridding yourself of such a toxic friend. Simply stop communicating and send them off with love and a prayer.

Staying friends with someone just because it is convenient or you feel like you have no other friends is no way to go through life. There are MILLIONS of beautiful souls out there, you just have put yourself out there and meet them. It is because there are so many wonderful potential friends in the world that I really want to encourage you to dump the toxic ones you currently have. Friendships come and go – it’s a sad, unfortunate fact. However, cleaning out the rotten friendships makes space for true and lasting friendships to take their place.

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. All relationships – friendships, romances, etc. – need to be give and take. You also need to enjoy the relationships you’re in. Once you’ve found a friend that you enjoy being around and genuinely connect with, you’ll be much happier.

As a side note, if you think your toxic friend needs to talk to someone, or that they are a risk to themselves or others, encourage them to get help. There are resources out there for people who are depressed and/or in need of someone to talk to.

Readers: How do you deal with toxic friends? Any advice for other readers? Are YOU the friend that steals that last piece of pizza [YOU MONSTER]?!?

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday1. Nutella Twist Recipe ( Well HELLOOO, gorgeous. You had me at ‘Nutella’…

2. Husband Animates Joke About Tortilla Chips Told by His Drunk Wife (

3. Office Etiquette: How to Get Along with a Difficult Coworker ( Because there is always that one person [amiright?].

4. Ponytail Upgrade: 5 DIYS You Need to Try ( You know, just in case you want to change up the hair game.

5. Stylist Spends His Sundays Giving Haircuts to the Homeless ( I LOVE this. Kindness and compassion are two traits that can really make a difference in the world we live in.

6. 10 Ways to Wake Up Refreshed (

7. Makeup How-To: Create the Perfect Interview Look ( Have an interview in the near future? This makeup tutorial will help you land the job and look good while doing it. BOOM.

8. Blueberry Pie Tacos ( UMM, WHAT?

Rock on with your bad self and have a great Wednesday!

7 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work


7 Ways to Boost Productivity at WorkWork can be overwhelming at times – I totally get it. However, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re making the most of your time. Not only will this make you more productive at work, it will also reduce your stress levels substantially because you won’t feel like you’re scrambling last minute to get everything done.

So, without further ado – 7 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work:

1. Turn your phone off/silence it. If you’re on a roll and really beasting a project, nothing is going to break that concentration quite like the chime of your phone or ding of your email. So if you’re working on an important project – especially if that project has a deadline – mute your devices. Speaking of deadlines…

2. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. If you have a task or project you need completed, set a hard deadline for yourself. Even if your boss or manager hasn’t given you an exact completion date, set one for yourself. Project needs to be completed sometime next week? Cool, tell yourself that you’re going to have it done by 5PM on Wednesday. Having a deadline will force discipline.

3. Get a good night’s rest. A good day is almost always determined long before you get to work. You’ll be less likely to procrastinate and sludge around the office if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and relaxing morning. So get your beauty sleep, homey. That way you’ll have the energy you need to take the world by storm at work.

4. Clean up your office space. When you get to the office (or right before you leave), tidy up your office space and make sure your desk is clean. This is a great way to ensure you won’t fiddle with desk mess when you should be getting work done.

5. Take short breaks. Tell yourself that you’re going to work for 50 minutes straight and then take a 10 minute break to walk around the office, get water, etc. This is especially true if you work at a job where you’re mostly sedentary. Walking around and moving your joints will give your brain a break and also improve your health.

6. If you’re out of work, find some. If you find that you have a lot of time to kill at work because you finished a project early or business is slow, go find something to do! Get a head start on a project that is coming up, help a co-worker manage their workload, leave passive aggressive notes throughout the office, etc.

7. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. If you sit at your desk all day long, eating lunch there is a bad idea. Get out of the office and eat your lunch at a local park. If it’s blistering cold outside, go sit in the break room and snack on your food with a good book. Whatever you need to do. Just make sure you take a break from your desk for the duration of your lunch.

Readers: Anything to add? What helps you stay productive at work?

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. Secrets to an Amazing Love Life ( “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” [If you know what movie that is from, we just became best friends.]

2.How to Use Makeup Highlighters (

3. Pesto Zucchini Fritters with Caprese Bruschetta Topping ( These look absolutely delicious! I’m going to pretend that they are low-cal because.. veggies, right?

4. Badass Couple Turns Wedding Day Hurricane Into Best Party Ever (cosmopolitan). So basically, their wedding gets pummeled by a hurricane and this cute couple put smiles on their faces and dance in the rain.

5.  9 to 5 Chic: 10 Style Tricks That Show You Mean Business (

6. Five People to Avoid in Life ( Some people are like poison. This article details the five types of poisonous people that you don’t need in your life [’cause you’re a RAY OF FRIGGIN’ SUNSHINE and don’t you forget it].

7. 3 Yoga Poses to Help You Relax (

8. Let’s Take a Road Trip: Travel Inspiration ( You know that restless feeling where you just want to hop on a plane and travel somewhere exotic and new? If you’re prone to those feelings.. Don’t look at this.

9. 7 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Job ( Dread going to work? YFeel completely unmotivated when you’re there? Yeah, it might be time to spruce up that resumé, m’dear.

10. The 18 Most Adorable Co-Pilots To Ever Exist ( PUPPIES. That’s all you need to know.

And in memory of Robin Williams..