Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1.5 Winter Scarves That Are Better Than A Blanket ( HOLY CRAP! I hate winter with a passion but I LOVE scarves [they’re like a blanket for your neck]. Check out these beauties and stay warm!

2. Paleo Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe ( This recipe is perfectly delicious – especially as fall becomes winter and the temperatures drop [I’m SUPER pumped about this weather change, as I’m sure you can tell -.-].

3. 12 Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday (

4. 15 Gorgeous Flower Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind ( Speaking of winter.. These flower hacks are a great way to combat the dreary looking scenery that accompanies the cold months [and keep your home looking purrrrty].

5. 6 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep (

6. Chocolate Chip and Cherry Blondie Recipe ( So much sweetness in one blondie – how can I resist?! [spoiler alert: I can’t].

7. 19 Tips To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet ( Tips to get people to like you and impress everyone you come into contact with? I’m down.

Stay lovely, you fine group of people! 😀


Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. 5 of the Prettiest Ikea Hacks ( These girls take cheap furniture and make it look awesomely luxe [love me some DIY].

2. The Difference Between Healthy Love and Unhealthy Love (

3. Homemade Seasoned Pita Chips Recipe ( These would go PERFECTLY with unlimited amounts of guacamole. PLUS, they take only 20 minutes to throw together.

4. Why Employers Are Slow at Hiring ( Waiting to score an interview to that dream job you’ve been eyeing? Don’t feel discouraged. This article tells you why it takes a couple of weeks for employers to hire someone.

5.If Ron Swanson Quotes Were Motivational Posters (

6. Apple Cider Martini ( Nothing says fall quite like a martini..err..I mean apple cider.

7. How to Prepare for a Job Interview (

8. 21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes ( I mean, we all spill lunches on ourselves on a daily basis [ha ha.. I mean.. That can’t just be me, right?]. The wonderful people over at Cosmo have figured out a few hacks to get rid of those everyday stains.

Have a great Wednesday, you awesomely fantastic group of people! ❤

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. How the 5 Love Languages Changed My Relationship (

2. Juliet and Romeo Cocktail ( This refreshing cocktail is perfect for labor day weekend [drink up, lovelies!].

3. 8 Super-Fun Date Ideas for You and Your Bestie ( Everyone needs a little girl time [or bro time]. Here are a few fun date ideas for you and your BFF.

4.3 Ways to Prepare For a Career Change (

5. How to Disguise Over-Plucked Brows ( If you were a little too happy go lucky with the tweezers, BACK AWAY and let the beauty department take it from here.

6. Food Concoctions That Will Help Kickstart a Heart Attack ( This is an album full of delicious looking food that you DEFINITELY know is bad for you [nothing wrong with just looking, right?].

7. 13 Enchanting Homes That Are Straight Out of a Fairytale ( Just a little home inspiration [#designenvy is a thing].

8. 6 Office Wardrobe Malfunctions to Avoid ( Forget looking like a slob kabob at work – pull yourself together and look like the professional you are [or pretending to be.. hey, whatever works].

9. 10 Labored (or Lazy) Recipes for Labor Day Weekend (

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1. How to Keep Crushing on Your Long-Term Partner ( Great tips on how to keep the butterflies in your stomach.. Even after the honeymoon phase has ended! [I love love.]

2. Cake Batter Popcorn Recipe ( Cake AND popcorn? [It’s like a party in your mouth, yo.]

3. Thinks to Consider When Evaluating a Job Offer ( Great advice for when you get the job and are trying to decide if you should take it.

4. Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Trailer ( Because I’m excited, okay?!

5. Chocolate Zucchini Coconut Cake Recipe (

6. 8 DIY Decor Projects That Make Life Easier ( You’ll feel like Martha Stewart, swearsies.

7. How to Reduce Stress in 60 Seconds ( If this doesn’t help, just picture eating a really cheesy and delicious pizza. [MMMMM pizzaaaaa… so relaxing].

8. 10 Summer Date Ideas ( CUTE.

9. Little Girl Loses It After Finding Out Her Little Brother Can’t Stay Young Forever ( GEEZE that was a mouthful. But this video is adorable.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 🙂

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

WHAT WHAT, it’s [Wine] Wednesday! The week is officially half over, which means the weekend is within reach, people! As with every Wednesday, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite links; howevah, I’d love to see what links/pages/videos/stuffs you’re currently loving! So after you’ve perused and clicked away, feel free to post your favorite links in the comment section below.

Enjoy your day, lovelies!

1. 5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Desk. ( I mean.. You’re going to look a little weird.. But who cares, right? [right?]

2. 15 Mouthwatering Ways to Eat Corn on the Cob This Summer. (

3. The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Tipping Etiquette. ( Learn how to tip like a boss under any circumstance.

4. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. ( A little dose of feel good from the Berry.

5. How to Write an Unforgettable Thank You Note. ( of my favorite tips from my post ‘How to Get Your Dream Job Without Experience‘ is to write a handwritten thank you note at the end of your interview. With this simple how to, your traditional thank you will blow them away [boom].

6. Strawberry Mascarpone Yogurt Pie. ( What the.. Oh my, just look at this –

Links I Love Wednesdayy

7. Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles. ( After eating that delicious-looking Mascarpone Yogurt Pie [all by myself], I’m going to need these love handle exercises.

8. How to Make Your Cubicle Feel Like Home. ( Decorate that small work space and make it a place for inspiration [while looking class-ay].

9. A Few Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Pillowcase.. Tonight. ( [Spoiler alert: switch to satin].

How to Be Young and Successful in the Workplace


How to be young and successful in the workplace

I honestly feel like so many people are talking about Millennials in the workplace nowadays: we’re the “instant gratification” generation, we make the worst employees, blah blah blah. For those of us that were raised to be hard workers and insanely self-sufficient, the stigma attached to the Millennial generation can be obnoxious and seemingly undeserved.

For those who may not know, Millennials are those that were born between the years 1981 and 1999. Other generations believe Millennials are:

  • Entitled, lazy, and exhibit no loyalty whatsoever
  • Unprofessional
  • Constantly in need of feedback and praise
  • Addicted to technology

When you have myths like that working against you, you may discouraged and find it difficult to try to overcome the stereotypes. To help you, here are few ways you can overcome the Millennial stamp and be young AND successful in the workplace:

  1. Always be curious and willing to absorb new information. If your company offers workshops, take them. If they don’t, research free classes/seminars/whatever in your area and bring them to the attention of your boss. If he or she thinks that it might be worthwhile, they may even let you take time off work to attend – especially if you emphasize the fact that you’re growth as a professional will result in growth for the company. [Boom.] They’ll be impressed with your loyalty and dedication to seeing the company succeed.

2. Network and build relationships the old fashioned way. We live in a world where digital communication rules and older generations believe that we have completely lost the art of face-to-face communication. To prove them wrong, I strongly encourage you to go back to the old ways of doing things. This could be anything from sending hand-written thank you notes, inviting a co-worker/boss that you admire out to lunch, or simply asking them how they are doing while you’re both waiting for the Keurig to free up. [“So how about them TIGERS?”] To put it simply: prove to them that you’re not completely useless when it comes to any type of offline communication. Let them see what a beautiful personality you have, sunshine!

3. Try to be as independent as possible. If you’re new to a project or type of work, it’s completely understandable if you need to ask for a little guidance – this is especially true for us recent graduates. However, it’s not okay if you’ve been there for a couple of months and you need to ask a superior for constant feedback and/or more work to do. For example, I am the content lead at my company, which means I write copy for websites we design. If I finish copy for an entire website, I’ll take the time to double check my work, look for SEO workshops online to improve the quality of the work, and/or jump into another project that I know is going to pop up later down the road. If I ran to my superior every single time I finished a project and begged for something else to do, he’d probably think I was completely incapable of taking the lead [i.e., this girl needs to be constantly babysat and will never make a good leader]. If you’re really at a loss as to what you should do next, by all means ask your superior what projects you should put on your to do list – just don’t be afraid to be a little independent when it comes to completing your work!

4. Take responsibility for mistakes and give credit where it is due. If you seriously eff up, own up to it. You are going to look a thousand times worse if you try to come up with flimsy excuses [“I’ve just been really distracted lately because I just CAN’T figure out why Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator like that!”] or if you try to blame the problem on someone else. If you messed up, admit it to, apologize sincerely, and assure everyone that it won’t happen again [and then legit don’t let it happen again, capisce?]. On the flip side, if you are being praised for a project you completed with another co-worker, make sure they receive praise as well. Or if you receive praise for a project you actually had nothing to do with, make sure you let the person know who actually dunnit. 

5. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I know you’ve probably heard this phrase a million times [maybe literally, IDK. I don’t know your life.] but hear me out. If you work for a non-traditional company like mine, the dress code is pretty much nonexistent. My boss has no rules when it comes to what you should or should not wear; he simply asks that you be smart about your fashion choices [read between the lines: don’t show up to work dressed in booty shorts.]. If your company has a similar dress code policy, I still want to encourage you to dress to impress. This does not mean you should show up in a full-on pantsuit, but it does mean that you should come up with creative ways to dress cute, comfortably, and still look like you’re about take the [insert profession] world by storm.

Here are two outfits that [I think] are stylish and still acceptable in a relaxed dress code environment:

How to Be Young and Successful in the Workplace

How to Be Young and Successful in the Workplace Readers: What do you think about millennials and the workforce?Any tips you’d like to add to be both young and successful?