Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday1. How to Keep Going When You’re Demotivated at Work (

2.Himalayan Sea Salt Body Spray ( This is a DIY that I’m very curious about.. After all, one of the key ingredients is vodka [just an excuse to drink? maybe.].

3. 105 Accessories From NYFW That Make Stylish People Look Even Cooler (

4. 10 in 20: Cozy Fall Dishes ( I REFUSE to admit that Summer is coming to an end.. However, Fall inspired cuisine does sound cozy and delicious [I’m caving..].

5. 8 Tips To Stay Healthy When You’re Crazy Busy (

6. If Disney Princes Were Real ( This video imagines a world where Disney princes are real and dating them is beyond horrific [I’m laughing out loud and people are giving me odd looks.. it happens].

7. 10 Cool Features on the New iPhone 6 (

8. The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Recipe ( Because it’s that time of year again where there is pumpkin flavored everything.. Might as well stick with one of the original pumpkin recipes.