Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

1.5 Winter Scarves That Are Better Than A Blanket ( HOLY CRAP! I hate winter with a passion but I LOVE scarves [they’re like a blanket for your neck]. Check out these beauties and stay warm!

2. Paleo Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe ( This recipe is perfectly delicious – especially as fall becomes winter and the temperatures drop [I’m SUPER pumped about this weather change, as I’m sure you can tell -.-].

3. 12 Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday (

4. 15 Gorgeous Flower Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind ( Speaking of winter.. These flower hacks are a great way to combat the dreary looking scenery that accompanies the cold months [and keep your home looking purrrrty].

5. 6 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep (

6. Chocolate Chip and Cherry Blondie Recipe ( So much sweetness in one blondie – how can I resist?! [spoiler alert: I can’t].

7. 19 Tips To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet ( Tips to get people to like you and impress everyone you come into contact with? I’m down.

Stay lovely, you fine group of people! 😀


Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

Hump day is officially here, which means it’s ‘Links I Love Wednesday’ [*crowd roars*]. If you’re new to Daniele Uses Words [WELCOME], this post is part of a weekly series where I round up a bunch of my favorite links from this week. If you have a blog or another link you’d like me to look at, add it to the comment section below! I love to see what stuffs you’re currently loving, so feel free to add your voice to the mix.

Have a wonderfully stupendous Wednesday, everyone! You know the drill –

1. 10 Awesome Desserts You Can Make in the Microwave (

2. Apothic Rose Hibiscus Spritzer Recipe ( Named the ‘Unofficial Beverage of Summer’, this spritzer looks light and refreshing [ahhhhhhh].

3. Soft Vintage T-Shirts From 1970-1990 ( These mystery shirts from TheBeardedBee look deliciously soft and comfortable. PLUS, only $8 for a truly vintage tee? I’ll take 20.

4. 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever for Its Own Good ( I just.. there are no words. Just look:

Links I Love Wednesday.

5. 7 Ideas You Never Thought To Do With Tape ( Using Washi tape, the decorating professionals put tape on everything from plates to wall outlets [spoiler alert: it’s chic as hell].

6. DIY Patterned Flatware Pouches ( A cute little pouch to put your pretty silverware in. Perfect for dinners where you’d like to make an impression [“Wow Daniele. I can tell from these pouches that you really have your shit together.” IKR?!]

7. 13 Ways to Turn a Tiny Pad Into a Palace ( Currently living in a small space? Refinery 29 has great tips to get the most out of your tiny space, making your little slice of real estate feel open, warm, and inviting.

8. 3 Crunch-Free Ways to Tone Your Abs ( Get your ab workout on without suffering through those dreadful crunches [the only crunch I can finish is the candy bar. Just sayin’.]

9. Garlic Parmesan Popcorn (

Links I Love Wednesday


Links I Love Wednesday

PEOPLE: We’ve officially made it over the hump! I hope you all have had a great week full of dessert and sunshine and good vibrations. Personally, I’m feeling a little under the weather so I will be crawling towards the weekend. [Friday.. I need youuu] As always, I’d love to see what links/pages/stuffs you’re currently loving! So after you’ve perused and clicked to your heart’s content, feel free to post your favorite links in the comment section below.

Keep on truckin’, lovelies! Enjoy the rest of your week!

1. 21 Problems Only Sarcastic People Will Understand. “Your sense of humor could be described as an “acquired taste.”” [Ha ha. Your face is an acquired taste.]

2. 10-Minute Yoga Sequence to Feel Refreshed. Looking for a quick way to feel good? This yoga sequence is easy and will leave you feeling supah fresh.

3. 15 Interesting Facts About Laughing.

4. The Cutest Mother’s Day Fail EVER. Speaking of laughing.. These little boys are adorably hilarious! [Is anyone else wondering if they reused the dropped fruit? No?]

5. Makeup Hacks for the Lazy Girl.  Love these easy tips and tricks to getting great makeup. [Lazy girl? Cosmo knows my life.]

6. 5 Looks for the Modern Lady. [Whatever that means.] I would love to have all these looks uploaded to my closet, thankyouverymuch.

7. Don’t Worry, Be Happy! They are spreading the love over at The Berry! If you need a pick-me-up or just like looking at pictures that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, this is the link to visit. [Ahhhh the feels.] [P.S. – KCCO!]

8. Triangle Nut Bars Recipe. BONUS: this is a vegan recipe. [YUM.]

9. My Twitter. Follow me so we can become best friends fo’ life. [Or not, that’s cool too.]